renbATX is LIVE!

It took awhile but renbATX is finally a thing! It has been seven months since we’ve moved from New Jersey and we’ve managed to adjust well. We’ve seen, eaten, and experienced quite a bit but we still feel we’ve barely scratched the surface in discovering all that this wonderful city has to offer.

I haven’t blogged in 14 years but I’m  hoping that renbATX will be something I can stick with. Blogging again has always been something that I’ve tucked away in the back of my head but I was unsure of what I would focus on and I had a bunch of ideas that I wished to organize and translate into a blog but that never came to fruition.

Moving to Austin, however, simplified things and shifted the focus for me. I came away wanting to share (in bits and pieces) our experiences as it relates to our adjustment, intermittently sprinkling anecdotes from life in NJ to compare-among other things.

Furthermore, I love to lift, for folks that truly know me, they know that I LOVE to lift. I love all things fitness related-period. This will also be an outlet for me, in that, I wish to document the process of achieving my fitness goals. I’m approaching things differently and have opted to play the “long game” in working towards my “Best Body.” However long the journey will take, I found it would be nice to look back on my experiences (struggles and all) Even more importantly, it will help me stay accountable.

Finally, I hope I can reach a few folks and impact them in ways that others have impacted me. If nothing else, I look forward to  exploring my interests further and sharing my many thoughts and ideas.

Welcome to renbATX!


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