Damn good…indeed.

Hasta La Vista

Torchy’s Tacos is closing their first and very popular trailer park location today with a much anticipated “Thank you, Austin” send off, block party. I would have loved to check it out but circumstances and obligations keep me home, however, I felt a need to write about Torchy’s and specifically, their trailer park location because it’s a big part of our story.

When we first visited Austin in 2014, our first Torchy’s experience was at the aforementioned trailer park location on South First Street and it was unlike any taco we’ve tried before and we quickly realized why. They have expanded since opening this location in 2006 with Brick and Mortar locations popping up all throughout Austin. One of which we happily visited during our 2nd trip in October 2016.

When we moved here this past July, it was, fittingly enough, our first meal in Austin. Exhausted and starving after a flight, picking up our cars, our keys, and dropping off our luggage; we could have eaten anything…in large amounts.

Now, what happens next is what I share often when asked or if the topic of “how was your move?” comes up.

Delighted to discover that a Torchy’s Tacos was located 10 minutes away from our place, I ordered two of three different tacos and I got it “trashy” because the cashier offered it up and it just sounded good. As it turns out, I completely underestimated the size of these tacos as the taco standard that I set for myself back home is considerably smaller in comparison. I should have known better….Everything’s BIGGER in Texas.

So, cheers to Torchy’s first location! It will be missed. I only wished I got to sit in on that trailer park one last time!



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