It’s a Jersey Thing

Searching for a “Jersey Classic”

When we were preparing to move here almost a year ago, there was a short list of items I knew that, in time, and research; I would need to find to help me fully “settle” into this new lifestyle that Austin presented.

One item was a fully equipped gym with 24/7 access.  There is a wide variety of gyms, fitness centers, and/or crossfit boxes to choose from here. I would consider that a “good problem” to have but more on that later. The second item was finding a barber shop that can deliver the kind of cuts and vibes that barber shops I’ve gone to back in NJ could provide. Let’s just call these two items the top two.

Another item, which was a stretch to think about finding here was a NY style bagel spot. One that, specifically, offered a Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese sandwich on either a bagel or a roll. (Don’t forget to ask for Salt Pepper and Ketchup) I had zero expectations for finding one and I was resigned to the fact that a New York Style bagel even existed in Austin until one day….

I researched and acted on a tip/lead for a spot that’s further downtown. Maybe 40 minutes or so from where we are. Having already made plans to head downtown on February 5th, I thought this would be as good a chance as any to make a nice detour.

Look, I’m a Jersey Kid through and through and the next thing to NY style pizza, a NY style bagel is  what most NYC area transplants would love to have.  Me? I had to get my THEC + SPK fix and thankfully, Wholy Bagel helped to satisfy said fix. It was everything I’d hope it would be. It was like spotting an oasis in the middle of a desert for me. So, if you’re a “yankee” like me and you just so happen to come across this post, go check them out. If you’re a NY football Giants and New York Yankees fan, I think you’ll like the décor.

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