Adobo Madness

Busted Brackets

If you’re like everyone else, your NCAA tournament bracket got busted EARLY. For me, I had hopes of repeating as March Madness Bracket Champion at work with a nice $100 cash prize as a handsome reward. Alas, Texas A&M dashed my dreams of a back to back championship and made me “aggy” as a result; sending my choice (the Tarheels) to repeat as champs home early.

Emotionally broken, I sought solace. Enter: Tito Adobo ATX

The Rise of Filipino Food

Consider this an extension of my previous post about Be More Pacific Kitchen & Bar where I touched on my background and experience with Filipino food growing up in Jersey City, NJ where you’ll find many family owned Filipino restaurants to go along with popular chains like JollibeeMax’s of Manila, and Red Ribbon Bake Shop.  I referenced Andrew Zimmerman’s take on Filipino Food being the next big thing and how restaurants like Be More Pacific is helping bring the ‘next big thing’ to the masses.

Since we moved here last July, I could count with one hand, the number of restaurants I’ve visited,  to satisfy a Filipino food craving. Far less than what I’m accustomed to but it satisfied my cravings no less. I was relieved to know I didn’t need to travel far for a taste of home.

Only days after I posted about the next big thing being Filipino food, the New York Times publishes this article: Filipino Food Finds a Place in the American Mainstream.  This article was shared by many in my social networks…with good reason. The Filipino Food Movement in America is a very real thing and I can’t help but be excited about the attention it has been receiving as of late. So, when I discovered Tito Adobo as I perused various profiles on Instagram during #SXSW, my eyes lit up and I immediately asked why I haven’t heard of them sooner. Turns out, they only recently opened their food truck and from there, I made it a point to pay a visit to Elvin and the Tito Adobo crew to enjoy some more Filipino food goodness and of course, support the MOVEMENT. That visit is today and after reeling from my NCAA Tournament bracket woes, I couldn’t think of a better way to start the healing than enjoying the following:

The Spread


Ube Horchata


Chicharon; these are larger, crunchier, and tastier than most Chicharon I’ve tasted. It’s incredible. I just wish I had a beer to go with it. My go-to ‘pulutan’ (appetizer served with wine)


Lumpa Shanghai (Filipino Spring Rolls); paired with banana ketchup with delicious and moist meat wrapped around crisp wrappers fried to perfection. This was a delight!


Pork Adobo Fried Rice; this is incredible. They are very generous with their portions so be prepared to bring your appetite. I had to bring mine home. I opted for the Pork Adobo and it did not disappoint. The pork was tender and flavorful and the crunchy asian slaw was a nice touch. Oh, and the runny egg was a nice addition to this wonderful dish.



Me and Tito Adobo himself, Elvin! Thanks for the delicious food and the hospitality!

If you find yourself in East Austin and are looking for awesome Filipino Food, hit up the homey Elvin and Tito Adobo ATX…tell them Ace sent you!  Tito Adobo is #renbAPPROVED Enjoy!

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