Hank’s Austin

Every time I head downtown for a haircut, I always make it a point  to make a side trip (or two) to a place of interest.

Today, I paid a visit to the newly opened   Hank’s Austin in the Windsor Park neighborhood of Northeast Austin.

I really like the concept of it being a coffee shop by day and a restaurant & bar at night. I came by towards the end of their coffee shop hours and I was immediately drawn to their visually pleasing, warm, and organic aesthetic.  You can’t help but feel more relaxed upon arrival.

As a parent, I tend to look for signs as to how family friendly an establishment is. While there were no children present, the large outdoor patio area had wooden, rocking horses strategically positioned throughout and inside, I found an area in the corner filled with children’s books and place mats for children to color on. That, in itself checked off a huge box for me. It is also dog friendly and features a drive thru as well. (More Checked boxes as well)

It was a hot afternoon so I was in dire need of something refreshing so I ordered their mint cold brew….i know!…MINT. Cold. Brew. IF you’re wondering…yes, it is refreshing as it sounds. I also ordered the Brie & Baguette; a delicious sandwich with prosciutto, arugula, cornichon, aioli, and mustard.

Given its’ proximity to the Thinkery, I definitely foresee a return trip with the kids in tow considering how family friendly and open it is. It really is a cool place and offers a space for practically everyone. I may even look to visit here a few times a month to work.

Hank’s Austin is #RenbApproved
















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