Lucy’s Fried Chicken Arrives in Cedar Park!

I Love Lucy


Lucy! You’re home! (Ricky Ricardo Voice) And by home, I mean Cedar Park. Since we moved here exactly a year ago from New Jersey, we’ve always wanted to try Lucy’s Fried Chicken but we weren’t able to get around to it so when I heard that they were coming to Cedar Park a few months ago, I couldn’t be more excited considering this location would be a short 10 minute drive away from where we live.

Lucy’s opened up this past Monday and after a busy morning of conference calls, I decided to take my “lunch break” at Lucy’s before word of their opening catches on. If you know me, you know that I love Fried Chicken and I’ve been wondering about what this home grown favorite was all about for well over a year.

The restaurant is spacious with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Even more importantly, it’s family friendly with a playground right next to their outdoor patio area. The decor is adorned with neon signs featuring beer from local breweries, the chalkboard is strategically located at the side for everyone to see, and the ambiance is welcoming, fun, and so very, Austin.

“Good Food”

The moment you walk in, the sign above the bar, gives you a heads up for what you’re about to enjoy and boy, did I enjoy it.


I started off with their Beer battered onion rings which, for me, had a distinct flavor that truly sets itself apart and I’ve tried plenty of beer battered onion rings. With this, you get more than just a hint of beer. You can actually taste it.


I then ordered the Fried Chicken Basket and paired it with the Mexican Coke Sweet Potatoes and their Mac and Cheese. Like the onion rings, the sweet potatoes had a distinct flavor that pops and was truly unlike any sweet potato mash I’ve tried. It’s hard to put it into words-it was absolutely delicious. Finally, the fried chicken was delightful. It was plump, juicy, moist, and crunchy.




The service was stellar, the staff was warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable. I can’t wait to come back with my family and friends.

Summer has just started but I already know that Lucy’s is going to be a go-to favorite of ours for not only this Summer but years to come.

If you haven’t already and you live in the Cedar Park area-pay a visit to Lucy’s Fried Chicken ASAP!




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