Everything’s Bigger in Texas…including little (big) burgers

As per usual, my monthly trip to #HollyHood for a haircut at SHED, brought me to a new place to hang and enjoy lunch. And lately, it has caught the attention and admiration among the Austin blog-o-sphere. Curious, I closed my laptop at Greater Goods, after a few hours of work and made the short trip to East 6th street for this increasingly popular burger chain based out of Portland, OR.

Don’t be fooled by the burgers’ relatively “small” stature. What they lack in size, they deliver in FLAVOR.

The menu is simple, you can choose from 5 cheeses including cheddar, swiss, bleu, pepper jack, and chevre and you can add bacon and an extra patty.

I opted for the latter with bleu cheese and paired it with their amazing truffle fries with a fountain drink. Oh and by the way, their fry sauce is AMAZING and don’t be afraid to put some on your burger. (I know I did) If a beer is something you’d rather have, they have a nice selection of locally sourced Austin beer.

Overall, I’m a little (BIG) fan of little big burger and I feel you will be too. I’m definitely not the first and most certainly won’t be the last.


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