Launderette Austin

Thursdays are for throwbacks

And I enjoyed my time in the #HollyHood section of (East) Austin on Tuesday so much, that I decided to throw. it. back. and make for a return to Greater Goods Coffee Roasters once again to work and enjoy a latte (or two) and see if I can position myself on prime real estate in that dreamy, industrial  space. And by “dreamy”, I mean, the best spot to shoot “instagram-able” worthy photos…but I digress! I’ll have a dedicated post for GGCR soon but this here, post, is for this charming restaurant tucked away in the Holly Hood. One for which I’ve been meaning to visit but haven’t done so until today.

It ain’t Katz but it’ll do

First things first, I’ve been going to East Austin once a month for a cut and I’m only now realizing how many points of interest (to visit) are located so close to my barber shop. Convenient on so many levels and again, a reason for which, I make it a point to follow up my cuts with a visit (or two) to a point. of. interest-LAUNDERETTE among them!

Aside from simply wanting to go here, I was craving a good ‘ol pastrami sammich. As an east coast kid, I’ve had my fair share of pastrami sandwiches. In fact, NYC is the mecca for all things pastrami sammich so I tempered my expectations for Launderette’s pastrami. And so with that, I didn’t waste any time perusing the menu. I knew what I wanted and I ordered it immediately.

It’s Patio Season

If there’s one thing that Austin has plenty of…it’s patios. I love me some patios and thankfully, we were given some relief from the triple digit temps that terrorized us the past two weeks. At any rate, just look at these patios! Wow! I’d come here just to sit on these patios.


Oh and I forgot about the mural. What’s an Austin establishment without a cool mural to look at. Launderette is no exception.

Alas, the PASTRAMI sammich

The Pastrami came out HOT. I had to put it down for a few minutes to let it cool off. It was more than just the temp and by no means am I complaining but I was pleasantly surprised by it. It’s a testament to its’ freshness. It was truly hot off the grill. This sandwich featured thousand island, hot mustard, piccalilli, and Swiss cheese on rye bread. The HOT mustard certainly added to the HEAT, which I welcomed. The meat in the sammich was generous and was a departure from the nyc style sammich that I’m accustomed to but it was delicious in its’ own way and it doesn’t need to be nyc style and doesn’t pretend to be. It was just right. A terrific combination of flavor and heat.



I wasn’t planning to but after enjoying a spicy pastrami like this one, something to refresh the palate was sounding like a good idea and so with that, I ordered a seasonal sorbet featuring peaches. Who doesn’t like peaches?


So, there you have it. A quick, lunch at Launderette. Go there, if only to enjoy their patio AND to chow down. Next time, I’ll go inside!

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