Get Fit Fast in less than 30 Days!

Did the title catch your attention? Extreme statements like these caught my attention plenty of times over and being the sucker that I was, I bought many different programs and products that made similar promises.

The truth is, getting fit or achieving your best body isn’t as difficult as you think so as long as you focus on 3 things:

  1. Consistency
  2. Adherence
  3. Caloric Deficit


Whether you’re running, bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfitting or anything; – ING, commit to a program tailored to your goals and stick with it. It’s that simple. While you will not likely be finished with what you want to accomplish in 30 days, you’ll be well on your way and on track towards achieving your goal if you’ve remained consistent in 30 days. If you’ve made it that far with a program, you’ll likely continue.


You need to know what you want. Whether it’s gaining strength, getting more aesthetic, or losing fat-you MUST commit to your chosen goal and choose the right program that fits your lifestyle, that’s sustainable, and is geared towards the goal of your choice.

Caloric Deficit

There’s a bunch of diets out there and they work for those that choose them because of the last two points. People that see success with them are consistent with it and have committed to the belief that their chosen diet (or nutritional program) will get them to where they want to be. At the end of the day though, most diets work because of one thing; they create a caloric deficit.

Simply put, creating a caloric deficit means expending more calories than you’re consuming. Stick with this long enough and you’ll see results.

There are many different ways for achieving this for different goals but those are posts that can stand on its’ own.

Till then, for my next few posts, I’ll touch on my experience during the past 6 months when I recommitted and started up on a training program again after years of going on and off of one.

Keep focused and go to work!


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