Nervous Charlies!

It’s a Jersey Thing…revisited

This past March, I wrote about my search for a Jersey Classic: a Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese on a bagel which I eventually found at Wholy Bagel.

I haven’t had one since then so when my  wife  heard about Nervous Charlies and told me that they served up, New York style bagels AND Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese-I WAS SOLD. We had to go.

At long last…

…and we did. As much as I enjoyed Wholy Bagel, it’s a bit of a trip for me coming from North Austin so I was excited to learn that Nervous Charlies was only 20 minutes away. Alas, I couldn’t be more excited to get nervous!


“the classic” I opted for Taylor Ham being the Jersey kid that I am. 

So, I dropped the ball and forgot to ask for Salt, Pepper, and Ketchup but that’s ok; the jalapeno cheddar bagel I chose and the thick & crisp slices of Taylor Ham with fried egg to go along with it was perfection. It threw me back to sitting in a local bagel shop back home and unlike the last time I enjoyed this classic combination, I’m happy I got to enjoy this with my family.


Chris, the owner, is a Rangers fan (as am I) so if you’re a Rangers fan also, you’ll be delighted to see framed Daily News covers from when they last won a Stanley Cup in 1994, which was a memorable year for the New York sports fan as both the Rangers and Knicks made it all the way to the Finals. Unfortunately, only the Rangers came away with a championship and a parade.

At any rate, get nervous at Charlies, enjoy the east coast vibes, and of course, enjoy a classic…and ask for Taylor Ham.

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