Day One.

Happy new year blogger friends! Let’s start off with one resolution pertinent to this blog. How about I blog more? I’ve been thinking about this often the last few months and I want to make a commitment to blog more this upcoming year.

At any rate, in my planner, I wrote two things to do and nothing more. I took pictures of myself and I weighed myself. The rest of the day was low key. I slept in with my kids and relaxed while the wife was at work. I, too, will return to work soon, so this day was a nice day to sit back and mentally prepare for the year ahead.

So, my short to-do list is directly related to my fitness/transformation goal for 2019. I consider this an extension of the plan I laid out for myself which I explained, so far, in two separate posts, here AND here.

I last left my series with a heads up about my next post which would cover the training component of my plan but to sum things up briefly before I continue, I simply listed 3 very important steps to succeeding in achieving your fitness goals (or any goal, for that matter) These 3 steps are:

  1. Consistency
  2. Adherence
  3. Caloric Deficit


Training and Adherence

I fell short of my goals in 2018 mostly due in part to starting a caloric deficit later in the year, doing no cardio, poor sleep habits, and enjoying food a little too much.

I did establish a routine, remained consistent for the most part (outside of some nagging injuries), and I hit strength PRs across the board.

I know what I want out of this transformation goal. I know how I like to train for it. I have programs that I rotate and combine depending on how I feel. My training revolves around powerlifting and bodybuilding. Last year, to start, my training was more power lifting focused as I was reverse dieting and adding calories from week to week and my goal was to gain and build strength.

Being that I know what I want out of my training and I have a plan to follow to lead me down the path towards my best body, I know that I can adhere to it and stick to it. This is important. Anyone should find what they enjoy doing and continue doing it while constantly challenging oneself along the way so you can arrive at your ultimate goal faster. If an activity interests you and you enjoy it, you’re more likely to continue. Take the time to identify what that activity is.

Going Forward…

Now that I’ve touched on being consistent, adhering to a program, and creating a caloric deficit for success in fat loss/transformation goals. Here’s what I need to do going forward.

I didn’t start last year at a caloric deficit but I will do so this year.

I didn’t do any kind of cardio last year but I will incorporate it this year.

I didn’t sleep well at all last year but I will commit to a sleeping schedule and get more rest this year.

I enjoyed food a little too much last year but I will be more mindful of my consumption and how it impacts my goals.

Already, there are 4 action items to implement that can make an immediate impact on transforming this year.

What I do now and continuously do after I hit the publish button will ultimately define what I will become this year.

And I invite you to read along.


Get after it, people!

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