There’s no shortage of coffee shops in Austin, TX. In fact, there’s a long list of shops that I’ve yet to visit and I’ve been here for nearly two years. As such, it almost seems the options are endless and in a way, they are. My favorite, so far, is Cenote .

Not only is it a fantastic coffee shop in and of itself but it has an ample amount of patio space all around which is aesthetic as it is inviting.

I work remotely and I can always count on Cenote to provide me with the perfect combination of a space to work, delicious food, and amazing coffee to boot. I ordered a Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich on Ciabatta with a side of Chipotle Mayo. I never really ate Chorizo until I moved to Texas and since I moved here, I’ve had my fair share of Chorizo, whether it’s on a platter, a taco, or between two slices of bread-I’ve grown to love it. Cenote’s Breakfast Sandwich is by far my favorite. It’s big but not overwhelming and I think half of the sandwich is enough for most and I’d recommend you do and save the rest for later.


Altogether, the experience and vibes at East Austin’s Neighborhood Patio Cafe is great and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to set up shop and work remotely or enjoy a delicious breakfast and coffee…OR lunch. Their menu has something for everyone and I hope to try out more of it in the near future.

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  1. Can’t wait to head over there and share the same experience!

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