Wake up, wake up-It’s the 1st of the month!

AND I’ve finally reached the 25 lb. weight loss milestone. There’s still plenty of more fat to lose but I wanted to touch on this to remind myself that fat loss/transformation goals is a marathon and if you’re built for immediate gratification, you will surely be disappointed. So, accept that this takes time, trust the process, and work in earnest and believe that, in time, you’ll build yourself the physique that you’ve long coveted.

I was watching the scale for an entire month and increasingly became frustrated at hovering around the same weight. There are variables to consider and change. There are lifestyle factors that affect the outcome. But ultimately, consistency will continue to drive change and while timelines will differ-the key is to not let the unpredictability of the process and the day-to-day bother you. Look at the big picture and the trends over time.

This battle will continue and I’ll more than likely feel the same emotions until I reach my goals so remain steadfast, remind yourself of your WHYS, and thrive to be better every day.


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