Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ-Revisited

In October of 2016, we made our 2nd trip to Austin and the hands-down highlight of that trip was Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ where we were introduced to the “Real Deal Holyfield.” If you haven’t heard of the Real Deal Holyfield-allow me to provide you with a visual:

If Salt Lick BBQ changed the game for me as far as how I perceived BBQ during our initial trip to Austin in May of 2014, Valentina’s and its’ Real Deal Holyfield did the same for me with how I perceived tacos and tex mex! It really was a game changer. Since I’ve moved to Austin, I’ve had my fair share of tacos and they’re all excellent, however, the Real Deal Holyfield truly is its’ namesake-THE REAL DEAL. It stands on its’ own as far as breakfast tacos goes. Hell, ALL TACOS-in my opinion. 

Valentinas recently made an appearance on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and while it already attracts many people, you can expect more people to come out in droves when visiting Austin, TX after the Triple D coverage. Now, the offerings aren’t limited to JUST the Real Deal Holyfield; they offer plenty more as well in addition to many awesome specials. 

You’ll find your share of “Tex” style sandwiches and “Mex” style sandwiches. You can even buy meats by the pound and/or create your own BBQ platter complete with an array of delicious sides. 

Finally, they moved from the location we first visited and now they’re at a location which offers more seating. 

Does this make you want to go out and try Valentinas? Good…but if you’re looking to get that Real Deal Holyfield, I recommend you get there early as the lines do build up quickly and it’s only available till 11. 

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