Lunch with Walt: Tito Adobo

Almost a year from the day that I first enjoyed food from Tito Adobo, I found myself at a new location in a spacious food park on East Cesar Chavez with more room to sit than the previous location and some new menu offerings. I’ve visited quite a few times since my first visit, however, and each time, we’ve brought visitors from out of town and folks like us who recently moved that enjoy filipino food, in particular. Not only is the food delicious but Elvin, Tito Adobo himself, is a delight to interact with and he makes sure you come away satisfied with the food and the service. 

I brought our buddy Walt for lunch this time around and let’s just say we enjoyed a  meal that pretty much took care of us for the day! 

To start, we enjoyed some classic “Pulutan” which are essentially food or snacks meant to be paired with alcoholic beverages. No alcoholic beverages for me but I can’t speak for Walt.

Next up was a sizable platter of Lechon Kawali; crispy, deep fried pork belly, served over Elvin’s signature Adobo fried rice, topped with a fried egg, and for me, the star of the show- apple jicama slaw. And of course, we have to have our side of Mang Tomas and Vinegar to further enhance the flavor but altogether, it’s a combination that’ll leave your belly full and happy. 


Does this sound like something you might be interested in? 

If yes and you’re ready to try and enjoy pulutan, lechon kawali, and other special menu offerings in a way that they’re meant to be enjoyed-WITH ALCHOLIC beverages….then I highly recommend Tito Adobo’s monthly bottle share. The next one is tomorrow, April 27th so go check out Tito Adobo at the East Side Food Park on East Cesar Chavez, bring a bottle to share, share other samples of beer and wine, and connect with other like minded individuals to have a good time. 

Tell him Ace sent you…..or even  Walt! 

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