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Lunch with Walt: Dope AF Barbeque

Hello there! It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted and I don’t like that I’ve left this space dormant and that I have essentially taken the summer off BUT this past weekend has inspired me to come back with my latest entry of Lunch with Walt.

So, anyone that knows me knows that I’m a huge #BreakingBad fan so naturally, when the long-rumored movie sequel was announced over the weekend, I was beyond excited because we have a trailer, some details about the plot, and a premiere date. I’m also a #FunkoPop enthusiast who happens to love food so combine all these factors together and you’ve got Lunch with Walt. My Walter White Pop accidentally got stowed away with my camera bag so I decided to just keep him in there and practice photography by placing him in a few photos of the food I enjoy when I’m trying new places BUT …..that’s neither here, nor there. Yay to a Breaking Bad movie but even more YAY!!! for some Barbeque in North Austin….some…DOPE….AF Barbeque.

a 3×2 Plate; three meats and two sides. The Staples of course! Brisket, Ribs, and Sausage

Interstellar BBQ made its’ debut in February of this year but I didn’t get wind of it until maybe, a few months later. When I did, I was delighted to discover that no longer will I need to (not that I mind) drive to downtown for some excellent barbeque. Actually, there are quite a few options to be had in North Austin but for me, Interstellar shines in this BBQ galaxy and I’m glad it’s around my way. I had the pleasure of placing my first order with Chef John Bates and he drove home that mission to serve the North Austin community. The level of customer service and the quality of the food more than holds its’ own.

My only regret is NOT ordering more barbeque. I will not be as conservative when ordering next time. They have awesome specials throughout the week that I have made it a point to make time for like their Pastrami Prime Rib, their Beef Ribs, and their custom sausage specials including their Frito Pie sausage which is now, only available on Fridays BUT give them a follow on instagram-they’re constantly updating their offerings and you will not want to miss any of their specials.

Lastly, their sides are among the best that I’ve tried and there are some that they’ve introduced since I last visited that I have not yet tasted but there goes the rub-more reason for me to go there again and again. If you’re in the North Austin area OR even if you’re not AND you haven’t tried Interstellar….head up on over here for this gem on 620.

Interstellar BBQ is located at:

12233 RR 620 N suite 105

Austin, Texas 78750

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