5 Corners Podcast!

AceZula’s been dormant for the past few months but I thought this would be as good an opportunity as any to brush it off with an announcement.

One of my best friends growing up, whom I’ve known since 3rd grade, reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d be interested in collaborating for a podcast.

After going back and forth, we’ve come up with a name, a format, the topics we’ll be discussing and we are thrilled to launch it!

Five Corners

A homage and nod to our hometown – Jersey City and the Five Corners neighborhood which served as the home of Phil-Am Food and helped make the Fiver Corners a central hub for the influx of Filipino immigrants that arrived in the 1970s all the way through the decades that followed. Phil-Am Food/FilStop closed recently so the circumstances surrounding the changing landscape of our hometown will certainly play into some of our discussions.

The Corners

My guy BonaFizzle and I will be posted up on the following “corners” discussing 5 topics ranging from: (In no particular order)

SPORTS Mostly hoops, football and baseball…Did i mention hoops?

Filipino and Fil-Am culture here in America: How we navigated it growing up, how it’s changed since and what the future looks like for our kids and their heritage.

Pop Culture/Entertainment: Anything and everything… in the world of entertainment… that tickles our fancy… whether it be movies…TV…streaming services…video games… and the perennially undefeated internet meme culture

Parenting: Because we’re parents, and parenting is tough, and hilarious and quite possibly the most fulfilling thing you’ll ever do as a human. So we’ll share our stories, our hopes, our fears and hopefully we’ll get to hear from you as well.

Fitness: because…well…fitness is a struggle for busy parents, especially as they approach middle age, and we want to share our strategies, our successes, and our failures with you; in the hopes of motivating ourselves and inspiring you to achieve your fitness goals

And there it is folks! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and BuzzSprout Feed!

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