NBA All-Star Weekend RECAP – Episode 2

Long before we were Dads, we woke up early in the morning on a Saturday at our local park (Lincoln Park! – stand up!) to hoop with well, DADS! One of whom happened to be one of our PREP classmate’s dads and I’m pretty sure there were more Dads of our contemporaries hoopin’ that we didn’t realize at the time.

We woke up early to hoop for the love of the game and in many ways, basketball helped forge many more relationships in our lives with others. It’s our native country’s favorite past time, after all. Fast forward a couple of decades and conversely, we’re awake at night, as Dads, after dark discussing, yes, your guessed it – basketball and its’ mid-season showcase.

This weekend brought a different and entertaining format to the all-star game, an exciting “east bay” centric dunk contest whose end result doesn’t matter (in my opinion), a 3 point contest with an added wrinkle that may or may not get your thirsty and a “challenge” that well, we think could use some revamping.

Morning or night, the love for basketball remains and continues to connect us all including friends whom I consider brothers.

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