our last dance with THE LAST Dance – a discussion about Episodes 9 & 10 (and a special cameo from a slice of pizza from via313)

So concludes a fun 5 week stretch where we enjoyed nostalgia and hoops while discussing The Last Dance.

We had alot of fun discussing the last two episodes and one BIG takeaway was that the legendary “Flu Game” wasn’t, in fact, a flu game but a BAD PIZZA game.

And so with that, I made sure I had a couple of GOOD slices of pizza ready to consume while we talked about Michael Jordan and his incredible bad pizza induced performance. Thankfully, I didn’t get sick but I definitely enjoyed it. I couldn’t pick a better slice to indulge in than an Ambassador Bridge and Cadillac from Via313 detroit style pizza. One of my favorites in Austin, for sure.

And here’s the pizza:

the Ambassador Bridge
the Cadillac

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