Formerly, renbATX.com, AceZula is named after the name Ace has gone by his entire life along with the part of his last name that is so often, mispronounced.


Shortly after relocating, Ace sought an outlet to document the aftermath of the big decision to move from Jersey City, NJ to Austin, TX.

While the original motivation to blog (ie: Food) remains, an increased emphasis was put on starting to write about what Ace is passionate about – the fitness lifestyle -nutrition, lifting and everything else that it entails. 

Beyond that, he saw an opportunity to also document his own weight loss & transformation journey with the hope that it can help others who may be struggling with their own weight loss/transformation goals.

While personal in nature, AceZula.com is also for those that enjoy the occasional posts about food and for my fellow ATX-plorers, would be explorers, and foodies that enjoy everything about Austin.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’ll hang around.