our last dance with THE LAST Dance – a discussion about Episodes 9 & 10 (and a special cameo from a slice of pizza from via313)

So concludes a fun 5 week stretch where we enjoyed nostalgia and hoops while discussing The Last Dance. We had alot of fun discussing the last two episodes and one BIG takeaway was that the legendary “Flu Game” wasn’t, in fact, a flu game but a BAD PIZZA game. And so with that, I made […]

We’re back! After a 2 month hiatus – the latest from the 5 Corners Podcast: The Last Dance

Good evening, everybody! Long time NO everything! Soooo, what’s new? …It’s been a little over two months since we last hopped on the pod and well? It has felt like a lifetime. Life was vastly different when we discussed NBA All-Star Weekend and as two busy dads balancing work and life during a global pandemic, […]